a sneak peek of the everett wedding!!

inspired monday: when the floor falls out from under you

Have you ever felt like your foundation– life as you knew it– was falling out from under you? That everything you previously had known was not there to give you the support you relied on it for? You might not have even known how much you were relying on that floor, that branch you were sitting on, until it broke. Well, here’s a little quote (via lifehack) for when you feel afraid of falling:

Here’s to building our wings this week,



a lovely wedding at the walt disney concert hall!!

Over summer I had the pleasure of assisting Sherri of Sherri J Photography with a wedding at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Working with other photographers is always a cool experience, because it teaches you that everyone has a different way of expressing his or her talents (this is a creative profession, after all!) Out of privacy for Sherri’s clients I can’t share the names of the bride and groom, but I can tell you that they were such an adorable couple to photograph. Their quirks and overall sense of ease and joy made it so fun to work with them and be there for them on their big day =). The bride had such an eye for design (she did get married at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is such an architecturally stunning venue!!) that showed in the details she showcased on her wedding day.

Another perk of documenting this couple’s love story was getting to photograph it with Katie of Katie Jackson Photography. Katie is a pretty cool girl and I hope we’ll get to know each other better in the future (I love making new photog friends!).

Here are some of my favorites from the day, starting with getting ready at the Omni Hotel in Los Angeles…

bride getting ready at omni hotel wedding photo

photography by paulina omni hotel jewelry wedding photo

Those are some sparkly Jimmy Choos! They balance wonderfully with the bride’s all white bouquet.

jimmy choo wedding shoes photo

The one below was taken just before the ceremony. Moments like these make me love having more of a photojournalistic style.

bride in elevator at walt disney concert hall wedding photo

photography by paulina bride and groom walt disney concert hall wedding photo

photography by paulina walt disney concert hall wedding photo

photography by paulina walt disney concert hall catering wedding photo

(um, delicious food?? yes!)

 walt disney concert hall wedding photo


photography by paulina bride and groom walt disney concert hall wedding photo

inspired tuesday

inspired monday: being alive

Well, friends, it’s Monday again. And I have to admit, I’m not feeling very inspired. In the past three days alone I lost my wallet and felt a pain so intensely I went to the hospital. Quite inspiring.

I don’t even have an image to share with you today. I haven’t even opened the blinds in front of the windows of my room in days– my big, beautiful, vast windows. I know there’s light outside but it feels overwhelming.

I have so many beautiful, awe-inspiring photographs (or, at least I believe so) to share with you, but for some reason… I haven’t. If I knew why, well, I’d find some way to overcome it and share them with you, of course. But for now, they’re locked in the chest of Potential, along with the list of “things-i-have-to-do” and “people-i-have-to-talk-to.” I’m learning that sometimes, in order to be a lifestyle photographer/documentiarian, you have to plan for things to unfold a certain way. You execute your vision, direct, then let it unfold. Planning a styled shoot is taking me from being the fly on the wall to being the woman of the show, and I’m still stepping into that role, even now in Phase 1. Well, to be honest, being a photographer or much of anything lately has been more like seeing a pair of boots on the floor that I need to step into, but I’m just sitting on the couch, clutching the edges of my seat and hoping I don’t fall. While sitting on the couch.

My life, as of late.


Today, I am breathing. I took a breath as I wrote that last sentence. A simple breath. Something so minute–so seemingly insignificant–but when you think about it, aren’t our lives a collection of breaths? Today I can be inspired by the little things: my breath, my fingers as I type this letter to you, leftover pasta from a dinner I so carefully made yesterday. Simple reminders that Yes, I’m still here and I’m still alive. Even if I’m clutching the corners of the couch. Even if I had the courage to move to the floor (Because that’s where the boots are, of course) but now I’m sitting on the ground with my life two inches away from me, clutching my knees to my chest. 

I’m alive. You’re alive.

And for me, today, that will have to be enough.

inspired monday: if it’s in your thoughts…

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