on vulnerability

because everybody needs to listen to a video like this at least once in their life. but usually multiple times.

“Stop focusing on the trauma. It’s done. Stop re-energizing it. Let it go.

And guess what? Now that it’s over there, say, “Hey, I went through a bit of trauma over there. Got a bit of self hate: dealing with that right now. But you know the best part is now that I’m through it, I’m grateful because I can help anybody around me and I can liberate them through their own, and through every person that I free I will feel grateful for the trauma that I suffered because I identify with you and I know where you’ve been and I know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. And you can choose to walk down it and walk out of it.”

I’ve come to understand one thing and that one thing is this: nothing the world throws at me now will ever stop me or keep me down, it will only help me empower myself and others. And for as long as I have somebody who is interested in hearing that, I will keep repeating it.”

-Sue Bryce




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