do it now. // number one

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It’s week two of my happiness commandment series! (Week two, commandment one–if you’re confused by that, catch up on the first post here.)

These are not in order of importance, but of conception.

Here we go! =)

number one

“do it now.”

How easy is it to get into the trap of “later?” We (sometimes subconsciously) sort bits and pieces of our days into the “later” file, but what we don’t realize is that our days comprise our lives and sooner than we’d like we find ourselves somehow disconnected from ourselves because those small, little tasks that needed to be dealt with, intuitive feelings or thoughts that needed to be brought into awareness, or even conversations that needed to be had… didn’t happen.

And I’ve found that the tasks that I dread and end up delaying for longer than I’d like really are not so bad, after all. So I’m working on doing things, now.




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