pretty jewels and pretty light

A while back I was sitting in my room when I found the prettiest light, and being who I am, I had to shoot in it! I grabbed some accessories I had on earlier that day and started shooting. This is what happened…

gold light

black and white ring




You know how some girls are purse girls? Or shoe girls? Well… I am definitely a jewelry girl. My aunt says a girl should never leave the house without earrings in her ears, and you can definitely tell I’m having an off day if I’m not wearing any! Haha.

I started buying rings to commemorate each of the places I traveled when I was abroad. I think that speaks both to my love of travel and my being a jewelry girl.(*sidenote* if we’re friends on instagram, you may have seen my  newest ring additions from Boston and New York! =))

(Just for fun, here’s a pic of those!)

instagram rings

The ring in the pictures in this post is from Paris. Even though its color has turned and some of its jewels have since fallen out, these “defects” give it character and make it all the more special to me.


I love all the different colors in these photos: the browns, the golds, the burnt oranges and beiges, and even hints of blue!



defying gravity
Pretty jewels and pretty light– two of my favorite things.


p.s. Rings are great and everything, but I think over everything else I am a love girl. Like, give me a tender hug and a loving smile, and I’m yours! Haha. Have a loving Wednesday!


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