the walk

Yesterday, I went on a walk.

I didn’t know what I was seeking… peace? Solace? But being in a receptive mode made me attune to all the little details that surrounded me at the time.


I felt like I had entered into a secret world, one to which I didn’t belong. The world of the athletic… the world of the physically active and physically strong. It was one that had always been there, so close to me, but one which I had never sought out on my own. I only gained admittance through someone who belonged to that world. And after I had, I couldn’t believe what I had missed. I was intrigued and had to go back. So I put on my running shoes and went for a walk.

canal trail

2013-02-15 15.24.11

First I walked the running trail along the canal, but I found myself unsatisfied because I really wanted a view of the water… of the river. I became envious of the view of the bikers below whose path was closer to the riverside, and I decided to join the consortium of bikers, runners, and walkers on the bike path.


2013-02-15 15.39.06

2013-02-15 15.40.16

I probably annoyed some of the athletes on the path, because all I could do as I wandered along was take pictures with my phone. Nature surrounded me and I didn’t want to miss a thing. I went on a walk with intentions of fitness and ended up as a photographer. Haha. I find that…. consoling, interesting, and inspiring. We do what comes naturally to us, I suppose.

2013-02-15 15.45.05

2013-02-15 15.41.34

The tealish greenish blue of the water…

2013-02-15 15.47.30

…the warm, golden glow of the sun on the brown brush…


I found it so beautiful here.

2013-02-15 15.50.19

2013-02-15 15.47.53

I must have gotten a few strange looks because of my ability to find beauty in the barrenness. But I consider it a good quality…one that brought me a sense of joy in a place many would consider desolate. As I walked along the path, I had an increasing desire to join the ranks of those who were utilizing this space for physical fitness.  I didn’t want to just be an observer, an intruder upon this world. I decided I wanted to join it. I wanted to go on a bike ride. Recognizing this, I stood in the sun and felt the embrace of a gust of wind.


And, just like that, the wind left in the same manner from which it came. And I stood in the stillness where, after it left… everything had changed yet everything remained the same.


3 thoughts on “the walk

  1. hey really like this! i’m a singer/songwriter so i have a strong artistic bent. i find i’m so inspired by the beauty in nature (often when i’m solitary) so “the walk” was a pleasure to read. love the pics. esp. the last one. a rugged starkness in landscapes can be very evocative and beautiful as you say. i think the idea of rugged and stark and can also be translated to music—it has such power in that medium as well. i actually just started a video blog exploring some of these ideas along with musings on artists’ creative processes (mostly on music, but i love other art forms too). your post is encouraging because i really think that few people take the time to simply walk in solitude through nature and experience the richness to be had from it. glad i’m not the only one! you are also right about different worlds (athletics, art, etc) i’m strangely a huge athlete but also keenly appreciative of art forms like poetry, illustrations, and of course music, so i think it gives me an interesting perspective. anyway, keep writing. i look forward to following your other adventures/pictures. thanks!

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  3. aww thanks so much for your encouragement!! it seriously brings me joy to know that you were able to appreciate my writing (and photographs). not that many people acknowledge the presence of multiple “worlds,” and how we tend to think them mutually exclusive– for that reason it always takes me by surprise when i remember that though we all have our specific talents and interests, often times there’s more to everyone than meets the eye and we all are multidimensional. =) i’ve always loved music particularly because i love melodies, imagery, and poetry and songs are a venue for all three of those things and more. your blog sounds really interesting–i’d love to check it out!

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