Sometimes it takes something happening to you for a change for you to remember the importance and the value of what you do. On a recent outing with friends, my friend asked me to take a photo of her, which I did, of course ;). Then in a split second I asked her to take one of me…and the friend I was with. Looking back on this picture, I realize that it’s the first we’d ever taken together. The photo, with its cellular phone quality and its yellowy incandescent lighting, is invaluable to me. It is a simple representation of two happy people in a happy moment of a happy day. And weekend. teehee.

Lighting, gear, technique, location, posing…all of these elements of photography are important and add to the mastery of a craft and the development of an art form. But…in portraiture…all it really comes down to is the portrayal of the subjects. As a subject of a photo, you look back at the image and it makes you feel something. The intangible quality of emotion… that’s what makes it art.



This is why I choose to specialize in photographing couples: because I believe that love in itself is a form of art.

Happy Friday.




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