year end: looking back on 2012

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone brings out a fresh piece of notebook paper (or a google doc—to each his own) and maps out their dreams and plans for the new year. I didn’t think I would be writing an “end-of-the-year-recap” post, but words came into my head and I knew I had to write them out…well, type them.

2012 was quite a weird year for me. So much has happened! In 2011, had you asked me what this year held for me, I would not have been able to even fathom that I would be where I am now.

Let’s see… this year I…

There are a bunch of little (and not-so-little) miracles and accomplishments that led to all of these things that I didn’t mention. And this list is not declaring that every one of these things happened flawlessly. If I’m being honest with you (and with myself), blogging in particular has been a learning experience for me. I read so many other blogs and wonder if I’m doing it right, or if I’m truly making my blog my own. It took me this year of blogging for me to realize that…my blog would resonate more with me if I wrote to write, and not simply to be read. I’ve learned that other people’s styles of blogging don’t work for me, and that’s perfectly okay. I’m still finding the delicate balance between journaling authentically/documenting my life, and adding value to you, my beloved readers. I trust that you’ll let me know when I’ve found it…and when I’ve gotten off track.

I’m still doing the work to find out what exactly I want this blog, photography by paulina, and the woman behind them to be. And I’m excited for all of the aforementioned entities to blossom and grow.

Writing about how far you’ve come, even when you are dreaming of how far you’d still like to go, is such a beautiful thing because it reminds you of how much you have to be grateful for.

I’m so thankful to all of you who have been along with me for the ride. Here’s to a joyous 2013!!

Much love and happy New Year!



6 thoughts on “year end: looking back on 2012

  1. i think you write beautifully and love your blog! we need to get together and practice photography sometime!!!! new year’s resolution, maybe?! haha.

    be yourself and have fun! you’ll never be disappointed. and it’s okay. sometimes i feel like my blog is only read by mom mom and sisters, SOMETIMES haha. just keep on doing what you love and people will see it. congrats on all of the things you’ve accomplished! may God bless you in 2013 as well! :)

    • aww thank you ashley!! and we totally need to get together and shoot and hang out! i am definitely making this a new year’s resolution! and i can totally relate to that feeling, but thanks for the encouragement!! it really means a lot =)

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