the lone wolf

they say one of the biggest myths about entrepreneurship and small business ownership is that you strike it out on your own. that the business owner has to have a “me-against-the world” mentality in order to make it. yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. community is so valuable in our personal lives, why wouldn’t it be the same for business? they say that many hands make light work, and that communicating with others can teach all of us things that help us grow.

for the past few months (and even more) i’ve been learning about the importance of collaboration. about the importance of having a great team around you whom you trust.

i’m so blessed by many of the online communities i’m a part of (creativeLIVE, pursuit31, etc.). i love meeting other photographers, but innovation often springs from collaborating with others outside of your specific trade or industry.

i’m pleased to say that i’m beginning to take this advice and am collaborating with Ashley of Radiant Makeup on my portraiture sessions! Ashley is a talented and passionate artist and i’m so excited to be working with her!

look for our pampered clients on the blog! and if you’d like to have your own portraiture experience, let us know!




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