they say you do crazy things when you’re in love…

If I told you that after Thursday’s exciting events, I arrived back in DC at Union Station 4 a.m., got home at 5 a.m. and fell asleep a few hours later, went to class to give a presentation (yeah, that huge midterm group project one) by 9:30 a.m., left class early to catch a train that left at 1 p.m., arrived in NYC at 4:30 p.m. and made it to ShootNYC with a great seat for Chase Jarvis and Vincent Laforet’s talk by 4:45 p.m., would you believe me?

Because as crazy as all of that is, it happened.

And more.

This was taken a few minutes after I stepped off the megabus at, oh, 4 a.m. the Friday before last.

Later that day I was back en route to NYC via Amtrak…


I literally made it just in time for Chase and Vince’s talk. So blessed.

Chase is a co-founder of creativeLIVE (among many other things), and Vince is a director and photographer. They talked about distinguishing ourselves by striving to be different, and not necessarily “better.” Being different will make us better in some respects, because we will be associated with novelty. The seminar was pretty much an open forum, where the audience asked them anything we wanted to know about their careers and the industry. I asked a question and I’m totally grateful for the response I received. I was all ears when they told us, “if you’re not having fun, question what you’re doing.” Creating for a living takes a lot of passion, but Chase and Vince really tried to help us understand that listening to our intuitive, creative voice inside is the key to innovating, and is the key to our success. Traditional business models are broken and we can’t necessarily stick to the script of what someone else says, especially if it doesn’t resonate with our own style. Being true to ourselves and working on things we’r excited about is what makes  us different and is what puts a different spin on the industry.

And, of course I had to have a photo! =)

I couldn’t leave New York without going to Times Square, so after the seminar I spedwalked through the streets of Manhattan in order to take in the city and night and make it back in time for my bus back to DC.

new york city taxi


Well friends, that’s it! I had an incredible time in New York City! I got to connect with such intelligent, creative, and inspirational people and catch up with friends in the midst of the city! New York was dirty and smelly and overwhelming but beautiful and awesome. <3




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