wppiU & photoplus expo

It all started when I saw that creativeLIVE was coming to New York City. I thought–hey, NYC is actually a reasonable distance from me! I was so excited at the prospect of going, and I entered to be a part of the live audience. When I found out that I wasn’t chosen, I was pretty disappointed because I was so excited about the event (even though I knew it would be great even from whatever screen I ended up watching it on). Then, on twitter, I heard of a giveaway for a ticket to Photographers Ignite, which was tied in to creativeLIVE NYC. I entered but wasn’t chosen. I reasoned that maybe God was trying to tell me that I wasn’t supposed to be going up to NYC that week.

I had (well…still have) a huge midterm group project (notice the number of adjective/qualifiers on that one. yeah.) due on the morning of the 26th, which was complicating my plans to leave DC for a charming adventure in New York City through the weekend. Oh, dreams.

My heart still wouldn’t rest. I just couldn’t give up the prospect of going up to New York City during a such a key week in the photographic industry.

I considered buying a student ticket to WPPIU (a smaller workshop held during the PhotoPlusExpo conference in NYC) so that I would still be in the midst of all the action (Did I mention that buying a ticket to WPPIU earns you a free entry to the ever-fabulous WPPI conference in Vegas in March?!?!?).

Because I’m an avid follower of CreativeLive on twitter (…hehe) I noticed that they were sponsoring another twitter contest, in which the contestants had to tweet the reason why they wanted to attend WPPIU in NYC.

My reason was that “sharpening my skills would allow me to better represent the beauty of my clients and the love they share!”

It’s true.

A day or so later, I realized that CreativeLive was following me on twitter. “Wow, that’s cool!” I thought. AND THEN THEY TWEETED TO ME THAT I WON! That I would be going to New York City next week to learn from the best. To discover which products I want to offer in my business. To be inspired and surrounded by so many passionate people. To visit New York City for the first time as an adult. To be so excited that I would write sentences that start with “to.”

Can you imagine waking up in happy tears, just thinking about how immensely blessed you are??? I am so thankful to all of you who continue to support me, because your faith gives me the courage I need to keep moving forward. so THANK YOU.

If you’d like to follow me at the conference, make sure we’re connected on twitter and facebook.



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