meeting industry leaders

This summer I had the pleasure of attending the Shoot Dot Edit “Price, Profit, Process”  workshop tour in Los Angeles. I went with the lovely Megan Hayes, and both of us had a great time at the workshop and learning so much information from all the speakers there (LeAnne Marie, Jared Bauman). I enjoyed all of the presentations, but I have to admit that the one I was looking forward to most was from Zach and Jody Gray. I first heard of Z&J on creativeLIVE (an awesome resource for online creative learning. seriously helpful, check ’em out here if you haven’t heard of them!), so when I found out they were giving a workshop not too far from where I lived at the time, I had to go.

Being rockstar photographer star-struck as I was, of course I had to have a picture with them, haha. Thankfully Megan was able to capture the moment:

I’ve been reading Z&J’s blog for months now, so it was wonderful to be able to learn from them in person! =) They are quite business savvy, yet remain so generous and humble. Months later, I’m still referencing the notes I took that night =). I’m so glad that Shoot Dot Edit organized an event like this, because I know I was so blessed by it, as I’m sure many of the photographers there were. The feeling of being in a room with people of all different backgrounds who share the same passions and interests as you…is just incredible.

Happy Friday!! I hope you get to embrace your passions this weekend, too =).




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