friday favorites: pocket

No, I’m not writing about a shirt pocket, or even a pants pocket. This pocket is digital. Pocket (formerly known as “Read it Later”), is an app designed to save digital media so that you can read or view them later, at your convenience.

For someone like me who reads a LOT of articles, this app makes a huge difference in my productivity. It’s kind of like Pinterest because you can “pocket” different kinds of digital media, but I use it for more short-term reads instead of pinning an image or an article to a board to leave there for ages. You can even pocket articles from your laptop or tablet, Now, instead of leaving tabs upon tabs open in my browser, when I find an article I want to read, I just pocket it so I can read it later. =). New info + less clutter = a happy me. Haha.

Not only is Pocket useful in a practical way, but it’s beautifully designed, too. Just look at that interface!


When I see this icon on my phone, I just want to click on it.


If you haven’t tried Pocket, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a way to pocket things you find online. Best of all, it’s free. =)

Happy Friday!


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