the girl who just gets it

i find that proclaiming that i am an artist has made me more attune to others’ art, and as a result, more respectful of their crafts.  i want to go to a makeup artist to have her tell me what looks best on me and highlights my best features. i want to hire a graphic designer to help me make sense of all the design and branding ideas i’m brainstorming, and to bring them to fruition. i definitely value specialization and entrusting others to do things because you don’t yet have the proper skill set to get the job done in the way you want, or because they love, live and breathe whatever it is you’re only so-so about doing for yourself. just because you can, doesn’t necessarily mean that you always should, especially when by delegating the task to someone else, you are enabling him to live his passion while freeing yourself to pursue your own. 

in business, they call this outsourcing. you know, when you hire an accountant to do your taxes, or a lawyer to draft and refine your contracts, or a graphic designer to do your visual branding (can anyone else tell i’m looking for a great graphic designer? ;) lol). but i think it goes even beyond that. it’s when you ask your neighbor to help you put up your Christmas lights, because he has a special way of moving them ever-so-slightly to the left that leaves them perfectly centered. it’s when you call your best friend, because she’ll know exactly what to say in that situation. or when you finally stop resisting and let him carry the big suitcase up the stairs, because he’s strong and he wants to. the people you know may not be professional problem solvers (yet. haha), but you still let them do things for you, and not always because you can’t. you could have figured out how to do all of those things, but you decided to let go and trust another person to do it for you. it all boils down to trust.

trust is the cornerstone of relationships. it’s the foundation of business, too. you have to trust yourself, your systems, your service, your product enough to enable your clients to trust you. and then when the time comes, you trust other business owners and their products enough to incorporate them into your business to enable you to grow, which can often result in your clients trusting you more. whether the reason you give tasks to others is based on their skill or passion for them (hopefully both!) or on some unknown variable, it ultimately makes them worthy of your trust.

now, when i visit my neighborhood dry cleaners i walk in with a whole other perspective, because i too am getting a tiny sense of what it’s like to operate your own business. the back end. and nothing is quite like the feeling you get when you look up and lock eyes with someone who just gets it. i hope that when i’m in DC i get to experience that, too.


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