friday favorites: urban outfitters bag

photo from Urban Outfitters

Call me crazy, but I feel like I need to give my purse/tote/laptop carrier/everything bag a shoutout on the blog.

I bought it from Urban Outfitters a year ago, and have been pleasantly surprised at its endurance…especially knowing all the things I put it through.

Have you ever been that girl running through an airport terminal because your flight gate was moved? I have been that girl. And even though it was stuffed, I made it to my flight with everything I could possibly have needed on board or shortly after. Okay…so maybe I can carry a bit too much in my purse sometimes…haha.

My only concern would be the zipper (it broke when I was abroad), but everything else is swell. I have overloaded and stretched this bag in every which way possible: from running to catch international flights in Europe, to filling it with textbooks and art supplies . It’s pretty much my standard carry-on, large enough to hold my laptop and a few other things. It’s accompanied me on many a photoshoot, too (handy for carrying supplies as needed!).

Of late, it’s served as my travel bag. I just returned from being on the road and it hasn’t failed me yet!

Do you have a favorite “everything” bag? Feel free to share!

Happy Friday!




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