friday favorites: [featured] The Importance of Finding Your Gift– KenGulley Photos

Friday Favorites Featured. Is that a lot of Fs or what? Haha. Anyways, I thought I’d write this Friday’s post on my thoughts about a blog entry from a fellow photographer and friend of mine, Kenny of KenGulley Photos.

bondservant | free by Kenny Gulley Jr.

bondservant | free by KenGulley Photos

One of my favorite things about Kenny is his humility. It is clearly apparent in the way he writes. I highly recommend that you check out his blog, to see the “To Bee as Free” post that I am writing about, and for more of his Illustrated Word Series.

Now…on to my thoughts…

To give you a little context, this post featured a photograph of a bee, and Kenny’s description of the bee as a creature that is free to stray far away from its hive, but in the end chooses to surrender its wanderlust and work as a part of the hive, for a cause greater than itself and its desires. Wow. There are so many gold nuggets in there…from the importance of participating in community, to the commitment to a cause outside of oneself. Both of these are honorable qualities that can enrich your life, for sure.

What really got to me though, was when he wrote about how important it was for each of us to find the gifts that we have been given, and share them with the world. I strongly believe that passion for life stems increases tenfold when we are living out our gifts and talents.


His post inspired me, so I thought I would share it with all of you! Do you agree with his reasoning? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts! =)




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