sarah & chris: rainy day los angeles couple’s session!

It had been raining for most of that Friday, the day of our shoot, but the rain seemed to have paused just before our session started (#win? I thought so!). Yet, before Sarah and Chris even reached our first location, the rain started to fall again. But instead of freaking out, the two of them embraced the rain. Sarah and Chris have such a peaceful, easygoing nature about them, and their optimistic outlook gives them and everyone around them such joy.

When we moved to our second location, a pocket of sunshine was making its way through the clouds and we were so excited!

Sarah couldn’t resist smiling when Chris offered to catch her, and neither could he!
I love this photo because it shows how Sarah can rely on Chris’s strength…and have fun doing it!

Hello beautiful!!

This is one of my favorites from our session. It’s all about the eyes in this one…
boy does Chris have some magnetic ones: and Sarah, some beautiful eyelashes!

Sarah and Chris had a great session as they did everything from kissing in the rain, to dancing in the sunshine,
to cozying up inside.They love so effortlessly, and it was a joy to capture that with my camera.

What do you think?? Which of their photos is your favorite? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know! =)


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