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gris & everett | rancho cucamonga wedding!


groom wedding sneakers photo.jpg

groomsmen getting ready photo

wedding day makeup photo


bride satin wedding dress photo

bride getting ready for wedding at hyatt place ontario photo

NGP_2176_zales wedding ring photo

bride earring photo

silver wedding shoes photo

zales wedding ring photo

moody earring photo


bride silver wedding shoes photo

hyatt chino hills wedding bride getting ready photo

bride getting ready at hyatt ontario hotel photo

bridal party getting ready photo




los angeles groomsmen wedding photo

IMG_0443_zales wedding ring photo

IMG_0396_zales wedding ring photo

IMG_0425_zales wedding ring photo


heart wedding details photo


chalkboard wedding table sign photo

wedding details photo

chalkboard mason jar wedding photo



IMG_7081_zales wedding ring photo

NGP_2539_zales wedding ring photo

NGP_2543_zales wedding ring photo



sunset wedding guests photo


groom baby's breathh boutonniere photo


gorgeous bride sunset barn wedding photo

sunset barn wedding photo

sunset barn wedding bride and groom photo

sunset bride and groom wedding photo





photography by paulina sunset bride and groom wedding photoIMG_7452_photography-by-paulina-los-angeles-wedding-photo.jpgsunset bridal portrait la wedding photo





photography by paulina outdoor fall wedding reception string lights black and white photo



babys breath wedding cake photo




first dance wedding photo

father daughter wedding dance photo



photography by paulina bride and groom dance reception photo

photography by paulina los angeles oudoor wedding reception photo

It was such an honor to be able to document Gris & Everett’s wedding this month. To view more images of their day, visit their wedding website at grisandeverett.photographybypaulina.com. To view their engagement session, as well as read their love story, view their blog post here.


Many thanks to the amazing wedding vendors who made their wedding look beautiful…

Floral designer: Valerie Rodriguez
Wedding Coordinator: Maria Magallon
Cake Artist: Melinda Herrera
DJ: Tommy Farias
Hair artist: Christine Castillo

and a special thanks to my second shooter Nicole!

hot quotes [letting go]

let go quote

There’s been a lot of talk on the interwebs lately about minimizing in order to maximize your life. If you had to let go of something today, what would it be? How would it make your life better? It could be a physical item, a habit, a belief, a relationship, a time constraint…

I for one know exactly what I’m letting go of this week, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

If you let go of something this week, let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below!!

Happy Monday!


autumn in los angeles

faq & how to: what camera bag do you use?

I recently bought a new camera bag and I’m swooning over it. Like, head over heels in love. Why? Well, let me show you…

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

Can I tell you a secret? I had never owned a “real” camera bag before. Not even one of the black canvas manufacturer-default ones that normally come with your camera (hello, eBay!). It was time for me to make a serious upgrade and after having tested it out (at a wedding I recently photographed— coming to the blog soon!) I can happily admit that I made the right choice for me– it’s stylish, functional, roomy enough and is a great price! It doesn’t hurt that the color is gorgeous, too ;). I will forever treasure this bag because she serves as a reminder of how far I’ve come in my photography journey. It’s always meaningful when you can invest in yourself, especially with things that help you do your job! =)

Starting with the exterior, here’s a close-up of the magnetic snap closure of the bag. I like these because they don’t look like they close magnetically, but they make it 1933830383384040x more convenient when you’re shooting and need to get in and out of your bag quickly.

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

The bag has a carrying handle at the top, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap. The strap is made of a seat-belt like material, so it’s durable and comfortable.

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

Here’s a few examples of what the bag looks like on me:

These two are more of a casual look,

griffith observatory portrait photo

while this is what it looked like on me while I was working. Thanks so much to my second shooter Nicole for capturing this *awesome* shot of me. For some reason I had the bag turned to the front, but for most of the day I wore it to the side.
NGP_2234_wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

Thanks to the great shoulder strap (and probably thanks to the weight of the items I had in the bag), I could wear the bag on one shoulder (and as a cross-body bag) without worrying about whether it would fall off of my shoulder. I had it pretty full on the wedding day (the images below don’t show what my bag looked like on a wedding day–it would have less empty space and more of the things I needed), but surprisingly it didn’t feel that heavy to me.

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

To finish off the exterior, there’s a pocket in the back that also snaps shut. (Fun!!)

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

The bag has an interior 3-section divider,  which is also removable. You can take it out completely or move of the two inner divider sections around, which reallocates space while still protecting the contents of your bag. While I used the bag I had space in front, behind, and to the sides of the divider for additional items.

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

When I had the 70-200 in the bag, it was difficult to snap that side of the bag shut, which was not an issue for me because I read the reviews of the bag before I bought it, so I knew that was a possibility. Also, the 70-200 is kind of a beast of a lens and is not something I carry around with me 100% of the time on a wedding day. (Also, the other side of the bag did close with the 70-200 in the bag. Just fyi.)

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

And lastly, here’s a close up of the two front pockets! I found these were a great place to store things like business cards and wedding day snacks.

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

wedding and portrait photography camera bag photo

I hope this post was useful to you!! Before you invest in any camera bag, be sure that it holds what you need it to hold so that it works for you! I am so excited to bring this bag along to all my future wedding and portrait sessions. You can purchase the bag here. If you have any questions or comments about this post, leave them below! I’d love to hear from you!

This post is part of a new series called “faq & how to!” You can find the first FAQ post here. If you’d like to see more of these posts, make sure you follow the blog or like the photography by paulina facebook page! And even more importantly, if you know someone who could benefit from learning about this camera bag, be sure to share this post with them! I’m sure they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness (as will I). =)

inspired monday???

Hi everyone!! Over the past few weeks I’ve realized that I need to spice up my Monday posts. I’m just not loving them anymore and I feel like I can do something a little more representative of me and useful to you. So…. keep your eye out for a Monday post change!! (Don’t worry– I love quotes too much to let them go!)

In the meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of a recent shoot I did at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles!

griffith observatory telescope photo
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!



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